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 Executive  Committee
 A collaborative body, accountable for the management of the operational  organization. Membership of the Executive Committee includes the President,  President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer.
 Government &  Public Relations  Committee

Responsible for developing positive external relationships. In addition to monitoring  progression of legislation that may impact NJANA members at the state and federal  levels and to develop appropriate responses in consultation with the NJANA lobbyist  on state legislative issues, this committee will also actively develop relationships    with external bodies that interface with CRNAs and NJANA.

 Political Action  Committee
 Responsible for fundraising to influence political campaigns at the state level and    the reporting of contributions as required by New Jersey law.
 Nominating &  Leadership  Succession  Committee
 Responsible for developing a qualified slate of trustee and officer candidates for  open seats on the Board of Trustees, as well as identifying and engaging emerging  leaders that are interested in getting involved in work of NJANA.
 Conference  Program  Committee
 Responsible for planning a relevant conference program eligible for CEs for the  spring and fall meetings.
 Member  Relations &  Communications  Committee
 Responsible for developing regular and systematic communications appropriate to  the membership and external audiences, as well as recruiting volunteers to serve on  NJANA committees in conjunction with the Nominating and Leadership Succession  Committee.
 Practice  Committee
 Responsible for researching practice issues and report findings to support legislative  concerns in consultation with the Board and legal counsel.


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